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Encountering God in Inadequacy

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Faith Steps:

Step 1: Let’s recognize places we are inadequate.  Where do most often catch yourself saying         “I can’t do that”.  (e.g. Speaking up at work, Dealing with conflict, A particular task, Serving in a ministry, Sharing the story of Jesus, etc). Make a list of those things. 

Step 2: Pick one area from your list that you want to give room for God to provide what you lack. Take Joseph’s phrase and move in that area of inadequacy - “I Can’t do it, but God will give it…”   That one place of inadequacy might just be the place God wants to do something through your life.   

When that area comes up this week, do what Joesph did.  Recognize your inadequacy and lean on God to provide.  Pray about it, and use a similar phrase to Jospeh.  “I can’t do ______________, but God can/will ______________________.

Colossians - A New Life On Mission


Faith Talks:

When you pray, what do you ask for? Track this for one week. Then take one week to focus on “keeping the Lord before you.” Then share with a friend any ways you would change what you ask God for.

Make a list of moments in your life when you are around people who don’t believe in Jesus. Set a reminder for those times to remind you to pray and ask God for the Holy Spirit in those moments.

Colossians - An Invisible Threat


Faith Talks:

Of the list of things that Paul says to put to death, which three do you struggle the most/least with? Explain your answer.

Culturally, which parts of your cultural heritage help/hinder you in living for the Kingdom of God? Explain your answer.

What issue(s) of your heart do you most long for Jesus to touch and change? Ask a friend to pray for you about these issues.

Colossians - Stay on the Path


Faith Talks:

  • Are there any areas in your life that you are looking to find fulfillment or fullness that cause you to reduce or reject Jesus?  Are any of these issues creating doubt of confusion in your walk with Christ?  If so, actively repent and ask some trusted friends to pray with you. 

    Walk with Jesus, Rest in Jesus, Focus on Jesus - What is one thing you can do on a daily basis to help you live these three things?  Share those with someone who can hold you accountable. 

Colossians - Simply Jesus


Faith Talks:

  • Jesus above all things: Which aspect of Christ creates the most “wow” in your heart? Share that with someone this week.

  • Jesus In every moment: What moments is it easiest for you to see Jesus above all things? What moments are the hardest for you to see Jesus as supreme? Share these with a trusted friend and pray for each other.

Advent 2018: Mighty God


Faith Talks

  1. When Jesus comes and brings everything to light in your life, will His might be for you or against you?  Will his arrival be a ‘rising’ or a ‘falling’ for you? 
    Sit with a good friend and talk these question over. 

  2. Read 2 Chronicles 27:6.  In what ways is this true in your life?  Are there any areas that need to change based on this verse?  If so, pick one and take one action to affect change in that area.  

Vision: Lead Like Jesus


Faith Talks:

1.  If Jesus has such a high view of what we can become in Him, why do we consistently keep selling ourselves short?  Name 2 ways you sell yourself short. 

2, Are there any areas of your life that are either off limits, or have not be submitted (surrendered) to the Lordship authority of Jesus Christ? What are they, and why are they off limits? 

Judges: The Death of Samson


Faith Talks:

  1. Examine your heart for God.  Would you say your heart is alive, numb, or mostly dead toward God?  Explain your answer to a trusted friend. 

  2. In Samson’s life we see many sinful issues: pride, lust, anger, vengeance, complacency, rejection of God’s call.   Are any of these causing your heart to drift from God?  If so, make this a matter of repentance and process.  Ask God to realign your heart so you rely on Him and live from a heart aligned with the will of God for your life. 

Judges: Samson Begins


Faith Talks:

  1. In Judges 14, we find the people of Israel very comfortable among the Philistines. In what ways does the story indicate that Samson and Israel have assimilated into Philistine culture, that they are no longer distinct as God’s people?

  2. Why is assimilation into culture so attractive to God’s people? In what ways have you felt that pressure in your own life?

  3. In the story of Samson, what does God do for his people who have assimilated into the culture of the Philistines? In what ways has God worked in your life to rescue you from being assimilated into a culture that is against God?

  4. There are many things Samson did that were empowered by the Holy Spirit, yet his life was filled with compromise. What is the warning you receive from Samson’s life?