Taste of Mission - June 2018


Faith Talks

Are you creating space for the upward dimension of your life?  (If yes talk about how you do that, if no talk about why not)

What ways do you currently invest in the inward dimension of your life? (Christian community) Are you satisfied with how connected you are? Explain. 

Talk about spaces around you where you can start investing in the outward dimension of your life. This means being apart of the revitalizing and restorative work of the Gospel in the people around you.

Knowing God: Living out the Roles of Men & Women

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Faith Talks:

  1. What are questions that you have regarding the Biblical role of men and women? 
  2. What did you hear from the panel today that was helpful for you?
  3. In what ways do you desire to grow in your identity as male or female and what are some practical steps that you can take to grow?

Knowing God: Doctrine of the Roles of Men & Women

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Faith Talks:

  1. Sometimes the first step towards health is an honest recognition of what’s unhealthy. Talk with a trusted friend about times when you have experienced leadership which has left you afraid of trusting leaders again.
  2. Review the 3 suggestions to follow well: 1) hope in One who is greater, 2) prefer and defer, and 3) use your strength to nurture another’s leadership. Which one do you want/need to grow in? Talk about one step towards that growth.

Knowing God: To follow Jesus do I have to believe God designed a distinction between the roles of men and women?

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Faith Talks:

  1. In what ways have you seen or experienced sinful or fallen maleness and sinful femaleness?

  2. In what ways have you participated in or felt a desire to live out your maleness or femaleness in sinful ways?

Shout It Out - Shepherding the Heart of the Next Generation

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Faith Talks

  • Talk together about 1-2 positive aspects of the culture of your household. What positive things would you say characterize your time together? 
  • Talk together about 1 of the 5 areas of culture you would want to pay attention to as a household. What steps might you take? How might Greg’s sermon on the “4 G’s” help you?

Shout It Out - Essential Messages for the Next Generation

Shout it Out Series Ideas - Updated Subtitle.002.jpeg

Faith Talks

In what ways has God communicated in the Bible that he is good, great, glorious and gracious?

In what ways has God demonstrated in your life that he is good, great, glorious and gracious?

In what ways do you communicate “without words” that God is good, great, glorious and gracious?

Can you identify ways that you communicate “without words” that God is not  good, great, glorious and gracious?

The Making: Follow Jesus In Family

THE MAKING: Follow Jesus In Family

Faith Talks

  1. What challenges do you face when you follow Jesus into your family? What are the obstacles?
  2. How can Jesus’ new way of thinking about marriage, family, and relationships impact the way you face those obstacles and challenges?
  3. At Living Faith Alliance Church we value the marriage covenant and graciously care about the pain and aftermath caused by divorce. If you need assistance processing your experience, please take a step toward healing:

Contact our Ministering Elders

Join the Life’s Healing Choices Class. 8-week class, Sunday 9:00am at CCS upper building room 128. Begins Jan 15, 2017    

Consider Divorce Care Ministry (group locator) Wednesdays 6-8pm. Begins Jan 25, 2017, Beacon Evangelical Free Church 420 S. 6th Ave, Galloway, NJ 609-748-0001

Family Life: Prepare. Event. Debrief. (P.E.D.)

Households ... A Training Environment (part 2)

Faith Talks

Brainstorm together about different scenarios when it might be helpful to use the PED tool. Pick one of them to practice this week.

Talk about two things in your household training environment or culture for which you are grateful to God.

Talk about one pattern in your household you would like to see God change. Pray about it. 

Family Life: The Four Foundations

Households ... A Training Environment (part 1)

Faith Talks

If your “household” includes the next generation: talk together about the 4 Foundations. Which one do you want to put into practice in new ways? How will you do that?

If your “household” does not include the next generation: what are ways you could implement the 4 Foundations among the people you do life with? Talk together about steps you want to take, and maybe ways you can include the next generation.