Pastor Greg

Encountering God - Week 2


Faith Talks:

1. How does the Biblical story indicate that God pursues His people?

2. How does knowing the pattern of God’s pursuit of his people impact your desire to be with God, to see him, to enjoy his presence?

3. Encountering the Presence of God means that God makes himself known to our spiritual senses and we align ourselves with Him. Can you identify a time in your life where God made Himself aware to your spiritual senses?

Encountering God - Week 1


Faith Talks:

1. What is your personal history with experiencing the presence of God? Reflect on the details of these events? What leads you to the conclusion that these were encounters with God?

2. Describe your desire to be with God, to see him, to enjoy his presence?

3. What does it look like in your life to seek after God?

Describe times in your life that you encountered Go

Colossians - A Band of Brothers


Faith Talks:

How does it impact you to know that there are men and women with such different backgrounds in Paul’s Band of Brothers?

Where in your life do you want to see an “open door for the word?” Over the next 6 weeks, ask the Father everyday for that open door. Let's see what happens!

Colossians - New Kingdom People


Faith Talks:

1. What are the things that Paul is telling us to put on in Colossians 3:12-17?

2. Why is Paul telling us to put those things on?

3. Of the things Paul tells us to put on which do you want to grow in and why is it a challenge for you?

4. What is it that you are refusing to let go of that keeps stuck in sinful patterns.

5. What do you plan to do in order to mature in how you treat others?

Palm Sunday 2019


Faith Talks:

When Jesus entered Jerusalem, what did the people do that was an appropriate response to the arrival of Jesus?

When Jesus entered Jerusalem, what did the people misunderstand or reject about Jesus?

What are the obstacles that you face to receive the authority of Jesus at the worship center of your life?

What is the great tragedy or consequence of not receiving Jesus at the worship center of your life?

Colossians - "I'm Not Dead Yet"


Faith Talks:

  • In what ways can you identify the temptation to be “Alive” to the world, to create your own false gospel?

  • In what ways does being alive to the world and trusting in a false gospel lead to bondage?

  • In what ways does this false gospel will even pretend to look holy?

Colossians - Warrior


Faith Talks:

  • In your pursuit of freedom why is it significant that Jesus disarmed the rulers and authorities?

  • How has the triumph of our warrior King changed you life?

  • This lent season are there areas of your life where you feel held down or captive, areas where you are not living in the freedom Jesus has won for you? What are some empty philosophies that may be holding you captive?

Colossians - Worth It


Faith Talks:

  • Paul says in Colossians 1:24-29 that it is going to be worth it. It will be worth the effort, worth the pain, worth the suffering. According to Paul, what is so valuable that makes it all worth it?

  • How motivated are you to grow into maturity, and what is hard for you about growing into maturity?

  • Paul says in Colossians 1:29 “for this I toil.” What does it look like in your life to “toil,” work, or labor to present yourself and others as mature in Jesus?

Rewind 2018

Faith Talks

  1. What is one truth about God that you believe your life shouts?

  2. What is a timeless truth about God that you held onto in 2018? 

  3. Make an assessment of the rhythms of your spiritual life. What needs to start and what needs to stop in order for you to establish healthy rhythms for your spiritual life?

  4. Review the LFA Faith Declaration. Discuss with a trusted friend how these declarations will become part of the rhythms for your spiritual life.

Advent 2018: Prince of Peace


Faith Talks

  1. What is so significant about the name of Jesus as Prince of Peace? In what way does the Bible show us Jesus as the Prince of Peace? In what areas of your life do you desire peace?

  2. Knowing the kind of peace Jesus offers, how committed do you think He is to bring about the peace you desire? In what ways can you join Jesus’ work in spreading/sharing peace? 

Vision: Thanksgiving Essentials



1. Would the people who live nearest to you characterize you as a complaining person or a thankful person?

2. When you look at your world, do you find yourself celebrating God's common grace?

3. Do you view yourself as one who has been constantly short-changed and or do you view yourself as one who has been unfairly showered with blessings?

4. Do you choose to focus your communication on what is broken and wrong or do you tend to communicate what is beautiful and good?

5. What is your tendency? In your relationships, are you encouraging friends and family to continue their grumbling or are you encouraging friends and family to find reasons to give thanks to God?

6. What is your tendency? In your relationships, do you find yourself frequently tearing others down or do you find yourself frequently building others up?

7. What is your plan to cultivate the discipline that Paul calls Thanksgiving? 

Judges: Men without chests


Faith Talks:

  1. Micah’s view of God was to demonstrate religious effort to gain access to God so that God would do what Micah wanted. Can you see that in the religious culture around us? In what ways have you see that in your life?

  2. Chapter 18 opens with the statement that there was no king in Israel. In the story of Micah and the Danites, what is the indication that there is no King? 

  3. C.S. Lewis used the phrase 'men without chests'. A man or person without a chest is a person that operates from their head (reason) and their gut (appetites). They are strategic in their thinking, but what ultimately drives them is their appetite. Their chest would be the place of identifying what they worship, coming under authority and ordering their values. The result is saying no to certain appetites at certain times. So, how is your chest? Is it healthy? What are the areas of your life that are driven more by your gut (appetite) than the chest and the voice of God?

Judges: Jephthah


Faith Talks:

  1. What does it mean that idolatry and slavery go hand in hand?
  2. Jephthah obviously did not know the character or ways of God. What are some ways in which your view of God has been based more on tradition and culture then on how God has reveled himself in scripture?
  3. What did you learn today are the signs of true repentance and how can you cultivate true repentance?

Judges: Gideon Part 3, The Cost of Compromise


Faith Talks:

  1. What are the patterns of failure in Gideon’s that become more obvious in the failure of Abimelech?
  2. What are patterns of failure in the generation before you that you wrestle with and desire victory over?
  3. What hope does this story point to and what hope do you have for winning the battle over the sin of the previous generation?

Judges: Gideon Part 2


Faith Talks:

  1. What are things that God has revealed to you about himself that have enabled you to be bold in the face of opposition?
  2. Can you identify times in your own life where God has weakened you? In those times of weakness in what ways did you see God’s strength and deliverance?
  3. It seems that God does a lot of work in order to be praised. Why is it so important that God is praised or that God is glorified?