Colossians - Jesus Above All and in Every Moment


Faith Talks:

1.What are some false gospels that you have come to hear about Jesus? Have you come to believed any of them?

2.Can you identify areas in your life where you consider Jesus as an optional resource?

3.Do you personally know Jesus? or Do you know about Him only?

Colossians - A Band of Brothers


Faith Talks:

How does it impact you to know that there are men and women with such different backgrounds in Paul’s Band of Brothers?

Where in your life do you want to see an “open door for the word?” Over the next 6 weeks, ask the Father everyday for that open door. Let's see what happens!

Colossians - A New Life On Mission


Faith Talks:

When you pray, what do you ask for? Track this for one week. Then take one week to focus on “keeping the Lord before you.” Then share with a friend any ways you would change what you ask God for.

Make a list of moments in your life when you are around people who don’t believe in Jesus. Set a reminder for those times to remind you to pray and ask God for the Holy Spirit in those moments.

Colossians - A New Life Starts At Home

Faith Talks:

1-Husbands and wives talk about what is the hardship of living Col 3:18. Why is it so hard for you to live as this passage says?

2-Parents talk to each other about ways you have "provoked your children". you'll be able to identify this by looking for ways that you have discouraged them. Ask God for help together as parents.

3-Talk about your hearts motivation for why you might work hard at your job. Is it for God or for another reason? Talk about those heart motivations and the benefit of working for the lord and not for man.

To check out the works by Nate & Sharon that Erik references, just click on the pictures above or use this link.

Knowing God - The Reconcilers Ambassadors



    1.    Get into groups according to where God has placed you as an ambassador.  (Work, Life stage, Neighborhood, family, friends)
    2.    Share specific ways that you currently live as an ambassador where God has placed you.  
    3.    Come up with a few practical things that you can do to live as an ambassador where God has placed you. (Don't over think it.)