Pastor Erik

Encountering God: Feeling Temptation


Faith Talks:

1. With safe people, talk about the things that temp you to sin.

2. What are the things that give you motivation to not follow the call of temptation? Write a list.

3. Do you find God to be the major motivating factor not to sin or is there another reason that is more motivating than God?

4. Spend time this week meditating on Proverbs 9:10, “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”

Colossians - A New Life Starts At Home

Faith Talks:

1-Husbands and wives talk about what is the hardship of living Col 3:18. Why is it so hard for you to live as this passage says?

2-Parents talk to each other about ways you have "provoked your children". you'll be able to identify this by looking for ways that you have discouraged them. Ask God for help together as parents.

3-Talk about your hearts motivation for why you might work hard at your job. Is it for God or for another reason? Talk about those heart motivations and the benefit of working for the lord and not for man.

To check out the works by Nate & Sharon that Erik references, just click on the pictures above or use this link.

Colossians - Continuing In Jesus


Faith Talks:

  • Faith talks:

    Talk about times in your life when community has: encouraged you, kept you from believing a deluded gospel, helped you understand the gospel.

  • Talk about an area of your life where God is building you up in the gospel. Think in terms of an area where you have seen a growth in maturity.

  • Gratitude towards God should be a main characteristic of God’s people. Spend ten minutes everyday this week sharing things that you are grateful for because of God. If you want to take it a step further as a practice in gratitude for this week choose not to complain about anything in your life.

Vision: Discover & Treasure Jesus


Faith Talks:

Please set aside at least 10 minutes this week as a household to have an honest talk about what God spoke to you in the sermon today.

1.We are called to lay aside every weight and sin. Over the next week or two take 1-3 hours to get alone with God.  Ask God to reveal to you the weights and sins in your  life that would hinder you from running well. Write them all down and create a plan with the Lord to change those things. 

2. When you think about the cloud of witnesses and Jesus cheering you on in your race, how does that make you feel? 

3. How can you let the truth that you play a crucial part in God's plan for redeeming all things impact the way you live everyday?

Judges: Gideon Part 1


Faith Talks:

  1. What are things that God has revealed to you about himself that have enabled you to be bold in the face of opposition?
  2. Can you identify times in your own life where God has weakened you? In those times of weakness in what ways did you see God’s strength and deliverance?
  3. It seems that God does a lot of work in order to be praised. Why is it so important that God is praised or that God is glorified?

Knowing God: Application of Spiritual Gifts

Knowing God (Square).jpg

Faith Talks:

  1. Talk about what you think if your top motivational spiritual gift. 
  2. Are you currently using your spiritual gifts? Why or why not? 
  3. What are next steps you can take to discover, develop and deploy your spiritual gifts?
  4. Fill out the connect card with your top motivational spiritual gift.

Knowing God: Living the Doctrine of the Kingdom

Knowing God (Square).jpg

Faith Talks:

  • What are you currently involved in where you need the presence of God?  If you aren't involved in anything where you need his presence talk about why not. 
  • Talk about a time in your life when you felt like the presence of God protected, empowered, or encouraged you to live out the things of the kingdom.  
  • Pray everyday this week for clear signs of the presence of God in your life.

Knowing God - The Reconcilers Ambassadors



    1.    Get into groups according to where God has placed you as an ambassador.  (Work, Life stage, Neighborhood, family, friends)
    2.    Share specific ways that you currently live as an ambassador where God has placed you.  
    3.    Come up with a few practical things that you can do to live as an ambassador where God has placed you. (Don't over think it.) 

Follow Jesus In Stewardship

Follow Jesus In Stewardship

Faith Talks

Jesus talks about loving God with all your heart soul mind and strength. He goes on to use the example of the window giving everything she has in the offering. If Jesus where watching the way you spend your money what would that tell him what you really love?

Often times it's hard to know how to start tithing. Talk as a household about your tithing patterns. What holds you back, or what motivates you to give? Share stories about Gods provision as you've been faithful in giving.