Reveal Jesus

Vision: Lead Like Jesus


Faith Talks:

1.  If Jesus has such a high view of what we can become in Him, why do we consistently keep selling ourselves short?  Name 2 ways you sell yourself short. 

2, Are there any areas of your life that are either off limits, or have not be submitted (surrendered) to the Lordship authority of Jesus Christ? What are they, and why are they off limits? 

Reveal Jesus Through Discipleship

Reveal Jesus Through Discipleship 

Faith Talks:

What have you learned about the way Jesus leads his disciples that makes you want to follow Him?

What did you learn about the pattern of the disciples that you can identify with? In other words how are you like or not like the original 12 disciples?

What does discipleship look like in your life?

How do you respond to the call to disciple and be discipled. What is Jesus wanting you to do now? What are the next steps you can take this week to start moving in obedience?

Resurrection Realities

Resurrection Realities - Mark 15:42-16:13


Faith Talks

Review the 8 Resurrection Realities. Which ones do you need reminded about most? How you can remind each other of those truths.

Talk about the areas of alarm and unbelief that come as a result of forgetting Resurrection. Pray for each other in those areas that you will experience resurrection power. 

Reveal Jesus: Getting It Right

Reveal Jesus: Getting It Right - Mark 8:1-10

Faith Talks

For Jesus to be revealed to our friends, they must experience the miracle of revelation and faith. Pray together specifically for those two things over people in your life who need Jesus. 

We learned from the Feeding of the 4000 that bread has to be broken before it blesses others. Talk about what Jesus may be breaking in your life. How are you responding? How do you need to cooperate? Pray for each other.