Follow Jesus

Vision: Lead Like Jesus


Faith Talks:

1.  If Jesus has such a high view of what we can become in Him, why do we consistently keep selling ourselves short?  Name 2 ways you sell yourself short. 

2, Are there any areas of your life that are either off limits, or have not be submitted (surrendered) to the Lordship authority of Jesus Christ? What are they, and why are they off limits? 

Vision: Follow Jesus Into Every Area of Life


Faith Talks:

1. Which of the two “bookshelf” illustrations do you identify the most? Why?

2. Can you think of a moment when following Jesus brought joy to you?

3. What is a current area in your life where you find it difficult to follow Jesus? And which of the three obstacles considered today may be preventing you from following him?

Resurrection Realities

Resurrection Realities - Mark 15:42-16:13


Faith Talks

Review the 8 Resurrection Realities. Which ones do you need reminded about most? How you can remind each other of those truths.

Talk about the areas of alarm and unbelief that come as a result of forgetting Resurrection. Pray for each other in those areas that you will experience resurrection power. 

When following Jesus includes failing Jesus

When following Jesus includes failing Jesus

Mark 14:43-72

Faith Talks

The contrast between Jesus and everyone else in today’s teaching makes the point that all of us fail and deny Jesus. How aware are you that you fail and deny Jesus? 

Jesus’ example of finding strength by being watchful included leaning into community. Spend time together as a community of faith, talking about and praying together about some of your patterns of failing to follow Jesus. 

Follow Jesus in Stewardship

Follow Jesus in Stewardship 


"The big struggles of life are struggles with authority." Talk together to see if that statement is true in your life. 

"We can never effectively steward what God has given us until we recognize Him as our authority." Where are you in the process of joyfully yielding all you are to the authority of God?  Name the obstacles. 

Discover and Follow Jesus - Part 2 Mark 8:27-38

Discover and Follow Jesus - Part 2.  Mark 8:27-38


In Mark 8, the disciples hear about Jesus’ sufferings, death, resurrection, and second coming for the first time.  They also hear that they are to deny themselves and carry the cross for the first time.  Why do you think Peter struggled with this?  Are any of his struggles the same as your struggles?  Explain. 

When was the last time you discovered & treasured something about Jesus?  Share that story with 2 people.  

What are your three biggest obstacles in following Jesus into every are of life?  Ask 2 friends to pray for you this week.    


Discover and Follow Jesus Mark 8:11-26

Faith Talks

Pastor Nate talked about the “means of discovering Jesus” — the ways or places where God speaks to us and takes away our blindness (personal Bible reading, TFL, Bible studies, sermons, Christian music). Talk about your practices of discovering Jesus. Talk about steps you want to take to receive more.


Parents, leaders, friends are the “means” of revelation for people in their life. How much do you see yourself as the “means” of revelation for other people? Pray for each other that God would use you to reveal Jesus to others and that God would take away blindness.