Pastor Diego

Self-Talk of a Good Farmer


Faith Talks:

  1. What conclusions have you made about God in light of your suffering?

  2. How have your own assessments become an excuse not to follow God obediently?

  3. What fears are you feeling guilty of?

  4. What better self-talk does the Cross gives you access to?

  5. What aspect of the Father are you most thankful for today—present, powerful or patient? Why? 

Encountering God - Week 3

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Faith Talks:

  1. Can you think of a time when encountering God helped you know Him more personally?

  2. Can you think of a time when encountering God activated your faith in some way? What was the result?

  3. Think of a time when you were empowered or equipped to do God’s will as a result of encountering God. How were you and others impacted?

  4. How motivated are you these days to pursue a personal encounter with God? What, if anything, is hindering your desire to pursue His presence?

  5. Consider praying with others in your household or relational circles about an increase in your desire to pursue the manifest presence of God in your daily life.

Colossians - Living in the Now & the Not Yet


Faith Talks:

  • Which aspect of redemption do you tend to focus more on: dying with Christ, being made alive with Christ or living in the future glory with Christ? Why?

  • Which of these three aspects would you like to grasp better so that you can mature in your identity in Christ?

  • Dying with Christ, being made alive with Christ and sharing in the future glory with Christ produces joy, shapes our love and fuels our hope. Share a story of how you are presently experiencing joy, loving (God or others) well or living hopeful in these days.

  • What is consuming your mind these days, earthly things or things from above? Consider asking someone to pray for you to have the grace to seek the things that are above and to set your mind on things that are above.

Advent 2018: Everlasting Father


Faith Talks

  1. When Jesus comes and brings everything to light in your life, will His might be for you or against you?  Will his arrival be a ‘rising’ or a ‘falling’ for you?  Sit with a good friend and talk these question over. 

  2. Read 2 Chronicles 27:6.  In what ways is this true in your life?  Are there any areas that need to change based on this verse?  If so, pick one and take one action to affect change in that area.

Vision: Follow Jesus Into Every Area of Life


Faith Talks:

1. Which of the two “bookshelf” illustrations do you identify the most? Why?

2. Can you think of a moment when following Jesus brought joy to you?

3. What is a current area in your life where you find it difficult to follow Jesus? And which of the three obstacles considered today may be preventing you from following him?

Knowing God: Spiritual Gifts

Knowing God (Square).jpg

Faith Talks:


  1. Based on today’s teaching what are two significant things that we miss when we do not employ our spiritual gifts?

  2. Share a story of a time when God used you to bless another person as you followed Jesus using your spiritual gifts.

  3. Prayerfully consider talking to another person, this week, about any obstacles you face  when thinking about using  or when using your spiritual gifts.