I Dare You to Praise - Psalm 30 

Faith Talks

1. If you were to record and playback your household's conversations, who would be the recipient of the most praise?

2. According to the teaching today, why is praise so important?

3. What were David’s obstacles to praise in Psalm 30?

4. What truth can you hold onto to overcome the lie that it is better to lower your expectations than to be disappointed again?

Worship is.....? - Psalm 99

Faith Talks: 

1. How real is Jesus to you?  Has he taken up residence in your heart? Is He the sole object of worship?  If not, what are the false god’s that need overthrown?  Name them and share them with a trusted friend.

2. Are we ‘verbing’ worshippers?  Are there views or practices of worship that we need to repent of?  Are there points of legalism we need confess and repent of?  If so, name them and share them with a trusted friend.

Raiders of the Lost Praise - Psalm 145

Faith Talks: 

1. Read Romans 15:9 & Psalm 42:5, 11.  What is the role of praise for the believer & the non-believer?  

2. Make a praise list and share it with someone this week.  Write down anything about God that fits any/all of these categories: 

  • His character
  • His attributes
  • His habitual and/or universal actions (e.g. nature, creation, history, personal action in your life, providence, preservation of life, rescue, salvation, redemption, judgment, personal or communal blessings.)