Wisdom - Growing Wise in God’s Word - Psalm 119

Faith Talks:

This week, find time to look to God’s Word alone, then talk together as a household about what you learned. Here’s a simple guideline.

  1. Start by journaling what is happening in your day — events, challenges, emotions, etc.
  2. Read a passage from the Bible — maybe 10-20 verses (perhaps, Isaiah 40:21-31)
  3. Re-read the passage, looking for truth about God. Make a note of what you find.
  4. Choose one of the truths about God and explore it, meditate on it, pray about it. 
  5. Ask God to help you trust Him and follow Him today.

Lament - Psalm 119

Faith Talks:

  • How has God used affliction in your life to shape your character and address issues of the heart?  Be specific.  Look for an opportunity to share that story this week.  (Practice with a friend first). 

  • Make a list past resolutions you have made in following God?  Pick two of them to that you want to renew this week.  Share why you want to renew these with a trusted friend. 

Lament - Psalm 69

Faith Talks

1. Can you identify one point of pain, something current or past that is a point of pain or grief?

2. It is time to write a Psalm of Lament by following the following steps.
    ⁃    Target your cry: Who are you crying out to
    ⁃    File your complaint: Tell God what is your complaint.
    ⁃    Verbalize your request: Tell God wha you desire
    ⁃    Preach to your soul: Remind yourself of a truth that you need to remember
    ⁃    Renew your resolutions: Tell God how you plan on moving forward

3. Share you Lament with a trusted friend.

Lament - Psalm 73

Psalms (Square-small).jpg

Faith Talks

  1. Meet with a friend and tell a story of a specific situation in your life of pain, grief, or loss (past or current). 

  2. As you listen to each other, pay attention to spoken or unspoken “conclusions” about God, yourself, or others. Conclusions are belief statements about how life is (e.g. “People are cruel;” “God doesn’t care;” “It will never work out;” “There’s no use trying,” etc.)

Lament - Psalm 31

Faith Talks

  1. Who might be a friend with whom you could interact, to both hear their story and share your story of pain.

  2. Make a list of some of your life circumstances that may need to be talked through.  

I Dare You to Praise - Psalm 30 

Faith Talks

1. If you were to record and playback your household's conversations, who would be the recipient of the most praise?

2. According to the teaching today, why is praise so important?

3. What were David’s obstacles to praise in Psalm 30?

4. What truth can you hold onto to overcome the lie that it is better to lower your expectations than to be disappointed again?

Raiders of the Lost Praise - Psalm 145

Faith Talks: 

1. Read Romans 15:9 & Psalm 42:5, 11.  What is the role of praise for the believer & the non-believer?  

2. Make a praise list and share it with someone this week.  Write down anything about God that fits any/all of these categories: 

  • His character
  • His attributes
  • His habitual and/or universal actions (e.g. nature, creation, history, personal action in your life, providence, preservation of life, rescue, salvation, redemption, judgment, personal or communal blessings.)

Psalm 45

Faith Talks:

Psalm 45 calls the bride to love her groom by listening to Him. Set a timer. Be still/quiet for 5 minutes. Listen to what you hear Jesus say to you. After the 5 minutes, talk together about what you hear.

This Psalm calls us to love Jesus. Our tendency is to relate to Jesus to receive His blessings.  Talk about your level of love for Jesus apart from the specific things you need Him to do for you. Pray for each other that your love for Jesus would grow.

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