Knowing God - Scipture

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Faith Talks

  1. What point about the doctrine of scripture did you find most attractive or significant?
  2. What part of the doctrine of scripture is challenging to you and why?
  3. Tell about a time when you didn’t want to submit to the authority of scripture but you did. What was the outcome?
  4. What are some ways you can grow in making time with God in scripture a bigger part of your life?

Wisdom - Growing Wise in God’s Word - Psalm 119

Faith Talks:

This week, find time to look to God’s Word alone, then talk together as a household about what you learned. Here’s a simple guideline.

  1. Start by journaling what is happening in your day — events, challenges, emotions, etc.
  2. Read a passage from the Bible — maybe 10-20 verses (perhaps, Isaiah 40:21-31)
  3. Re-read the passage, looking for truth about God. Make a note of what you find.
  4. Choose one of the truths about God and explore it, meditate on it, pray about it. 
  5. Ask God to help you trust Him and follow Him today.