Dear Parent,

God has entrusted you with the awesome privilege and responsibility to lead your children to ‘know and follow Jesus.’ As a church, we have laid out Eight Milestones for parents to keep in mind as they train their children from infancy to 18 years old. It's a way for families to celebrate significant spiritual developmental stages in a child’s life. 

These Milestones are not just events, but can be potential life-changing memorials in your children’s lives that equip them with a firm foundation for loving God and living out their design. 

We would love to support you in your parenting journey. Please reach out if there are ways the we can help.

Caleb Howard
Family Ministries Coordinator

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Explore Each Milestone

Calling parents to dedicate themselves and their children to God, and to prepare the training environment of their homes as the "primary faith nurturers" of their children.  

A unique window of opportunity to train the hearts of our children in the blessing of coming under authority. 

Preparing parents to partner with God in the spiritual birth process in their child's life where their child will begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Parents preparing their children for changes that will be ahead in all areas of their lives and to understand as teenagers what it looks like to embrace their identity in Christ.

Parents learning to lead their teenager to live a lifelong commitment to Biblical purity


Leading your teenager to a radical alignment with Jesus in dying to self and living for His Kingdom and to demonstrate that through baptism.

Parents, with their lives and instruction, have the privilege of ushering their teen to live out God’s design for manhood and womanhood. 

Celebrating High School graduation and preparing our youth with skills they will need as they leave home.