Values touched on at the Parent Summit

  • Parents as the primary Faith Nurturers (Deut. 6:4-9)
  • Baby dedication Covenant
  • Preparing for Baby Dedication (see Church Website)
  • How to use our Four Family Foundations at this age: faith talks, prayer times, God sightings, living on mission

Values touched on in Parenting I: Forming a Home Class:

  • Preparing the atmosphere of your home
  • Ways to bless and pray for your children
  • How our church partners with you at this stage
  • Father’s Role/Mother’s Role
  • Encouragement and practical ideas for single parents
  • Discipline at this early age

How our church can join with you in this part of your journey:

  • Parenting I: Forming a Home class (offered in Truth For Living)
  • Baby Dedication -- Point Person: Caleb Howard
  • Personal session with one of our pastors
  • Nursery/2-3 class on Sunday 

Church Event:

Baby Dedication Service (possibly in a Pastorate)

Family Event:

Possibly a prayer time before the Dedication service

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