Values touched on at the Parent Summit

  • Adolescent pressures
  • What the Bible teaches about sex: Biblical perspective on the beauty of sex and intimacy
  • Identity in Christ
  • Dating
  • Biblical purity

Values touched on in the Parenting IV : PARENTING MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS

  • Relationship boundaries, healthy friendship relationships and trust with people of the opposite sex, parents, siblings (technology/facebook, texting, cell)
  • How to experience the natural process of failure. Growing through failure. Parents being honest with their process
  • Accountability
  • How to use the Four Family Foundations at this age: faith talks (even about purity issues), prayer times, God sightings, living on mission
  • Appropriate discipline for this age
  • Help for single parents

How our church can join with you on this part of the journey:

  • Middle & High School Youth Groups on Wednesday evenings
  • Parenting IV: Parenting Jr and Sr Highers Class (Truth For Living)

Church Event

Possible Commitment to Purity Weekend


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