Values touched on at the Parent Summit

  • God’s plan, design for being blessed when we come under authority
  • Definition of obedience/discipline/circle of blessing
  • How coming under authority prepares your child to follow Jesus
  • Parents being trained, children being trained
  • How to use our Four Family Foundations at this age: faith talks, prayer times, God sightings and living on mission

Values touched on in the Parenting II: Raising Toddlers class

  • How Early Childhood Curriculum carries these values: learn to follow leader, spontaneous
  • teaching/prayer moments, God centered worship, God-the main focus of the story, Scripture
  • memory)
  • The training atmosphere of your home
  • Prepare, Event, Debrief
  • Sowing/reaping principles
  • Natural and logical consequences
  • Practical steps for single parents

How our church can join with you at this stage of your journey:

  • Parenting II: Raising Toddlers class (TFL)
  • 2-5 year old classes on Sundays

Church Event:

Family Event: Possibly a special celebration of their first day of school


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