God's design is for each household to be a place where each member of the household is inspired to love and follow Jesus. We encourage each household to use the following four practices to help them on this journey.

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Weekly Faith Talks: Taking time to read God’s Word or talk about how God’s Word applies to following Jesus in a specific situation/area of life. (Please see our weekly bulletin under “Faith Talk Questions” for suggested topics). You can also just read through the Bible or parts of the Bible or use resources designed to cover Scripture by topic for different ages.

Question: Are we as a family/ household taking intentional time each week to talk about how God’s Word relates to our everyday life?

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Weekly Prayer Times: Taking intentional time to pray together as a family/household once a week. It can be a time of giving thanks, praising God for what He is showing you about Himself, interceding for others, bringing your own needs to him, praying blessing or Scripture over each other.

Question: Do we as a family/household set aside at least one time each week (apart from praying before a meal) to come before the Father together?

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Spontaneous God Sightings: Intentionally looking for God in everyday situations and taking time to celebrate it together (sharing testimonies). It can be looking for God in nature, noticing His work in a certain situation, sharing answers to prayer, celebrating milestones your children are going through or just recounting things He is doing in you personally.

Question: Do we as a family/household make it a pattern to regularly look for ways God is at work in every day life and take time to celebrate that together?

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Living on Mission Together: Taking steps together to serve or reach out to people outside of your household, both within the church and especially with those who do not yet know Jesus.

Question: Do we as a family/household make it a pattern to move toward serving/reaching out to others together?