Judges: Men without chests


Faith Talks:

  1. Micah’s view of God was to demonstrate religious effort to gain access to God so that God would do what Micah wanted. Can you see that in the religious culture around us? In what ways have you see that in your life?

  2. Chapter 18 opens with the statement that there was no king in Israel. In the story of Micah and the Danites, what is the indication that there is no King? 

  3. C.S. Lewis used the phrase 'men without chests'. A man or person without a chest is a person that operates from their head (reason) and their gut (appetites). They are strategic in their thinking, but what ultimately drives them is their appetite. Their chest would be the place of identifying what they worship, coming under authority and ordering their values. The result is saying no to certain appetites at certain times. So, how is your chest? Is it healthy? What are the areas of your life that are driven more by your gut (appetite) than the chest and the voice of God?