Discover Jesus in Scripture 

Discover Jesus in Scripture
 MARK 12:18-27

Faith Talks:

In Mark 12 Jesus said to the Sadducees, a group of religious leader, “…you are wrong, because you know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God…you are quite wrong.” That is a pretty stinging rebuke from Jesus to a group of people that prided themselves on know Scripture and knowing God.

  • According to the teaching today why is it essential as a disciple of Jesus to know the scriptures and to know the power of God?
  • How is your relationship with scripture? What are you doing to cultivate a life of knowing God in scripture?
  • The power of God in this story is specifically referring to resurrection from the dead and that is the guarantee of what we call eternal life. How does the truth of life eternal change your perspective on the challenges and strategies for life now?