Start Afresh!

If you have been following our blogs, you know the value of reading the personal story line that is often found in most of the blogs. As one of the pastors at our church community, I appreciate the efforts and thoughtfulness each blog contributor has brought to the table on a regular basis. It is our intention to continue fostering this kind of written interaction that encourages and illustrates so often the life according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This life is not tidy, predictable, safe or painless. But it is a life that when looked on through certain lenses, say for instance the persons and promises of the Gospel, make life a hopeful journey, a journey that is worth living by faith and not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7). 

So we are re-launching the two existing blogs (The Every Day Gospel and the Counseling one) by merging the two. The blogs will be musings of people just like you, who invite you into their personal stories, share what they learn from life experiences and reflect on human, spiritual and social issues, all seen through the lens of the Gospel. The aim of this blog is to encourage you to discover, follow & reveal Jesus.

I invite you to journey, on a weekly basis, with our blog contributors and allow this written venue to encourage your journey of faith! And from time to time, let us know if something has encouraged your life.


Pastor Diego Cuartas