You are NOT alone! Top 10 Words of Wisdom from CCEF Conference

Sherry Engel

Sherry Engel

This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Christian Counseling Education Foundation conference in Frisco, Texas.  It was an uplifting experience, with great insights into relationships with each other and with our triune God.  I thought I’d share my top ten pieces of wisdom gained.  You can find more info on these great sessions as well at


1. God is intentional with His relationships.  He sought you. ~ David Powilson

  • When you feel alone, what can you do to recall the intentional, pursuing love that God has for you?

2. All relationships, and each interaction within that relationship, are intentional.  You are either building bridges or walls. ~ David Powilson

  • Take one person, think about your interactions with them.  What are you doing to build bridges or walls?

3. Jesus keeps us warm because this world is cold.  ~Elyse Fitzpatrick

4. Dating is a mutual ministry, mutual delight.  ~ Alasdair Groves

  • Are you and the person you are dating pointing each other to Christ? Helping each other grow spiritually?

5. The role of a friend is to help you renarrate your life in the light of Jesus Christ. ~ Mike Emlet

  • How intentional are you with your friendships?  Do you know people well enough to do this?

6. Definition of compassion:  Being moved by the hardships of another.  Truly bearing the other person’s burden.  Compassion breaks through isolation.  Jesus enters into our hardships.  He is moved.  He acts. ~ Ed Welch

  • How are you showing compassion to those closest to you?

7. The Holy Spirit doesn’t just represent the power of Christ, but the very Presence of Christ.  You are NOT alone. ~ Winston T Smith

  • Can you think of one verse that demonstrates Jesus’ presence with us through the Holy Spirit?

8. God  creates.  The world corrupts.  We must build bridges with our children to help them interpret life in Godly ways.  We must pursue our children and be intentional in our discussions. ~ Julie Lowe

  • What barriers do you find in building these bridges with your children?

9. With false peace, comes bad fruit.  Conflict is necessary.  Jesus uses it. ~ Cecelia Bernhardt

  • What are you avoiding that is leading to bad fruit?

10. Marriage without friendship is the worst isolation.  Church without friendship is the worst isolation.  A friend is present and open his heart and mind to you. ~ Ed Welch

  • Are you present in your friendships? Do you have an open heart and mind?  Are you intentionally seeking others?