Worship Ministry Teams

We love to use our skills to serve in ways the utilize and develop our gifts and talents. If you are interested in serving in helping others to discover & treasure Jesus, look at these descriptions to see if an area is right for you. If you want to join the worship ministry email Dominick, our worship ministry coordinator. If worship ministry is not your thing, we have plenty of other ways for you to serve on our volunteer page.  



Find a team or ministry area to serve and build others up


Are you skilled in singing or playing an instrument? Do you have a passion for others to experience the presence of God? Have you been part of a team working together to point to the worthiness of worshiping God? 


Are you skilled at setting up and using technology? Do you enjoy setting up systems that help people connect to the presence of God? 


Are you skilled in creating videos and presentations? Do you have a passion to communicate in creative ways?


Are you skilled running presentation software or willing to be trained how? Do you have a desire to lead people to God through displaying words, lyrics and images? 


Are you a creative person who likes to use visual elements to help people connect with God? Do you have a passion to design environments to highlight the truth of who God is and why He matters?  


If any of the above areas spark your interest, fill out form below and let us know how you would like to serve and we'll be in touch.