Praise & Worship

Worship is for Jesus, it's to Jesus, and it's all about Jesus!  As we praise Him in our Sunday Celebration and in our daily lives we foster a posture of worship that speaks truth about our God and realigns our hearts. Worship is an all time reality for us.  Sunday Celebration is how we refer to our Sunday services as we gather with the people of God to help us focus on the character, purposes, and presence of God. The praise music, Scripture readings, prayer, giving, teaching, and communion aim to lead us into discovering and treasuring Jesus. 

What is the music like at Living Faith?

Here is this Sunday’s Playlist to help you prepare for praise and worship. By listening to these songs we will sing as a church this coming Sunday you be better prepared to participate in the service. No Spotify account is needed to sample the songs. To listen to the full songs you will need to create a free Spotify account and login.. If you have a specific song you would like to request you can do so here. Set lists are updated on Thursday’s. P

What about my kids?

Children are such a big part of life. Because of that we want your children to worship too. We have specifically designed options for your little ones that range from them staying in the service or participating in age appropriate gatherings with other children. Visit our Children's Ministry page for more details. 


Can I serve on a Sunday Morning?

Worship includes a vast array of activity that bring glory to God. Some of our favorite things to do at LFA is worship God through music, art, lighting, stage design, displaying lyrics, serving, movement, stories, and giving. If you have a talent, we have some gifted worship leaders who would like to help you develop and use your gifts on a team


Ask a question or tell us how you would like to get involved in worship ministry by filling out the form below.