In the event of predicted or current inclement weather we will post schedule changes here.   


We will have an update on wednesday activities around 3pm


Weather is very challenging to predict in South Jersey.  We will evaluate the need for changes/cancellations at the following times.  For Sunday's, you can check for updates at these times:

Saturday: 4pm & 10pm.     Sunday 6am. 

How we decide what to do:

1. State of emergency - "All Non-essential Personnel Stay off the Roads".

2. If schools are closed we close too.  (During the week).

3. Condition of parking lot and sidewalks to our facilities.

You can find cancellation notices in these places:

1. On this webpage

2.  In an e-minder.  Subscribe here.

3. Our church answering machine

4. Our social media sites:  Facebook, Twitter, Google+