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We believe that we need the revelation of God. What is God like? What does God say? What does God think? These are the questions that influence all of our decisions, whether we realize it or not. 


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There is a strong Biblical tradition that studying Scripture under gifted teachers is one of the main tools that the Spirit of God uses to reveal Himself and transform our minds and our hearts, so that we are equipped to follow Jesus into every area of life.


Sunday Classes
9 & 11am.

Other Classes will be available throughout the week.


First Friday of the Month
6-12th Grade, 7-10pm

Middle School Youth 6-8th Grade
High School Youth 9-12th Grade

Worship Team Development


Elementary Age
Treasure Seekers  
1-3rd Grade & 4-6th Grade
Every Sunday during both services

Kids on a Mission (1-6 Graders)
First Sunday of each month during both services

*Be on the lookout for special events for kids and families coming this fall!

Early Childhood
Ages 0-2
Ages 2-3
Ages 4-5
Every Sunday during both services