It's a must attend event for Parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts & teachers.

January 27, 2018 @ 1987 S. Lincoln ave, Vineland, NJ

  • Free childcare

  • coffee, refreshments & Lunch included

  • back massage stations

  • counseling & prayer room available

  • discussions and practical teaching to inspire and equip you.

You may have heard it said that parenting is LONG DAYS & SHORT YEARS. Isn't that true when it comes to raising children? It takes all the energy we have to make it to the end of each LONG day. But then, before we know it, our kids have grown up so fast. The years go by TOO fast. At this year's parent summit, Pastors Nate, Greg and Chris will lead attendees through these 4 questions:

  1. "Parenting is hard, complicated and overwhelming!" In the short years that we have with our children, what does God want us to focus our parenting energy on?
  2. "So many things call for my families attention!" What are common things that make parents lose focus? How can we stay focused?
  3. "I need practical help!" How do I "do" God-honoring parenting with kids at this age? (Sign up for age specific breakout sessions.)
  4. "I've been trying so hard and I'M TIRED and at times I feel like a failure!" What does God feel about parents that are trying, exhausted and feel like, despite their best efforts, they're failing?

past parent summits


While you wait for the next Parent Summit, please enjoy the resources from past summits.  This archive contains videos, audio, & downloadable handout and information.