Vision 2018

Vision: Thanksgiving Essentials



1. Would the people who live nearest to you characterize you as a complaining person or a thankful person?

2. When you look at your world, do you find yourself celebrating God's common grace?

3. Do you view yourself as one who has been constantly short-changed and or do you view yourself as one who has been unfairly showered with blessings?

4. Do you choose to focus your communication on what is broken and wrong or do you tend to communicate what is beautiful and good?

5. What is your tendency? In your relationships, are you encouraging friends and family to continue their grumbling or are you encouraging friends and family to find reasons to give thanks to God?

6. What is your tendency? In your relationships, do you find yourself frequently tearing others down or do you find yourself frequently building others up?

7. What is your plan to cultivate the discipline that Paul calls Thanksgiving? 

Vision: Discover & Treasure Jesus


Faith Talks:

Please set aside at least 10 minutes this week as a household to have an honest talk about what God spoke to you in the sermon today.

1.We are called to lay aside every weight and sin. Over the next week or two take 1-3 hours to get alone with God.  Ask God to reveal to you the weights and sins in your  life that would hinder you from running well. Write them all down and create a plan with the Lord to change those things. 

2. When you think about the cloud of witnesses and Jesus cheering you on in your race, how does that make you feel? 

3. How can you let the truth that you play a crucial part in God's plan for redeeming all things impact the way you live everyday?

Vision: Lead Like Jesus


Faith Talks:

1.  If Jesus has such a high view of what we can become in Him, why do we consistently keep selling ourselves short?  Name 2 ways you sell yourself short. 

2, Are there any areas of your life that are either off limits, or have not be submitted (surrendered) to the Lordship authority of Jesus Christ? What are they, and why are they off limits? 

Vision: Follow Jesus Into Every Area of Life


Faith Talks:

1. Which of the two “bookshelf” illustrations do you identify the most? Why?

2. Can you think of a moment when following Jesus brought joy to you?

3. What is a current area in your life where you find it difficult to follow Jesus? And which of the three obstacles considered today may be preventing you from following him?