I Am

"I AM The Resurrection & The Life"

John 11:1-44

Faith Talk

Talk about the Tim Keller quote: "You don't really know Jesus is all you need until Jesus is all you have.” Have you ever felt like Jesus is all you had? How did that feel?  

What things do you spend most of your time on? Be honest.  If Jesus asked you to ‘put those to death’ any/all of those activities how would you respond?  Would putting it to death make you feel dead or alive?

"I AM The Door"

John 10:1-10

Faith Talks

Today’s teaching was about doors that give access to life. What doors have you always tried to break through/get in thinking you would find true life on the other side? When you did break through, how much life did you actually find?

Jesus is the door that gives us access to life in our Father.  What keeps you from pressing into the Father’s Presence? If Jesus has made access, why would you not go more often?

"I AM The Bread Of Life"

John 6:24-35

Faith Talks

Make a list of the stuff people work for in hope that it will satisfy the core need of their life. Of that list, what have you attempted to use to make yourself feel complete?

Like the life of the vine flows into the branches, so the Life of Jesus flows into His followers, making us like Him. Talk and pray together about one of Jesus’ character traits that you would like to see more in your life.