The Good News of a Good God

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Philippians 2:5-11

Faith Talks

  • Over the course of our life, we each draw conclusions about God — deciding for ourselves if we believe He is good or not. On a scale of 1-10 (10 = very good), how much would you say you believe God is good? Talk together about why that is true.
  • To experience the good God has for us, we must remain within the boundaries He sets for us, not running outside those boundaries to find good on our own. What are the specific boundaries God has given you that you must stay within? Is it easy or difficult to obey him?

Diagnostic questions

What do you fear missing? Losing?

Are there ways that fear is “over the top” Are there ways that fear drives you? Ask a good friend (LTG Disciple/Accountability) to be honest with what they see in your life when you are under that fear.

When you are in the middle of experiencing that fear, ask yourself 

  • what am I thinking about God?
  • what am I thinking about my future?
  • what specifically would I be willing to do to get the “good” I want?

Which of the truths from today’s sermon do you need to remember most?

  1. Sometimes it's better to NOT have ALL that I think is good
  2. I can't trust all my ideas of what would be good for me.
  3. God’s plans are better than mine.
  4. Knowing God takes care of me, I can live within His boundaries with joy.