The Everyday Gospel - 1st Service Q&A

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Looking Below the Surface

Signs of emotional immaturity in churches

  1. Ignoring the “ungodly” emotions of anger, sadness and fear
  2. Denying the past's impact on the present
  3. Doing for God instead of being with God
  4. Spiritualizing away conflict
  5. Covering over brokenness, weakness and failure 
  6. Living without limits

“When the pain of not looking surpasses the pain of looking, we will be willing to look under the surface of our lives”

--Pastor Nate

"It's impossible to be spiritually mature and remain emotionally immature. We need the Gospel of Jesus to transform every area of our Everyday Life"

--Pastor Nate

Breaking the Power of the Past

"If you believe by simply ignoring the past, your past won’t exist or it will all go away, you are living under a destructive illusion"
--Pete Scazzero

"We can never break the power of the past if our God is too small!"
--Pastor Nate

"I am not who my past tells me I am, I am who God says I am, and He says, “You are mine"
--Pastor Greg

Receiving the Gift of Limits

"When God says no — when he gives a limit, remember, God’s ways are extremely good and gracious. If that is true - and it always is, God’s “no” is a gift."
--Pastor Nate

"Our limits aren't keeping us from finding fulfillment, but rather our limits direct us to our God-given purpose.”
--Pastor Chris

“Figuring out our limits is best done in community!"
--Pastor Chris

"God doesn’t guard us from places where we have to make a choice. In fact, He often sets us up in the exact situation where we have to make a choice to say 'no.'"
--Pastor Nate