Why, why & why?


"Why Saturday?"
"Why would we extend ourselves to another service?"
"Our current services still have room in them for more people. Do we actually need this?" 
Some of these are questions I’ve heard, and some are questions I’ve wrestled with myself. I wanted to take a few minutes and share with you why I believe God is calling us to start Saturday Night Church.
The primary reason is reaching people who are far from God. I believe there are people who are far from God that won’t come to church on Sunday morning. Maybe they work or maybe they feel uncomfortable with Sunday church. Maybe they’ve been waiting to get an invite to church and through starting something new with new leaders, they now will get invited. Even though there will be many different reasons for why someone would attend Saturday Night Church, the primary motivation for me, and for us as a church, is to reach people who are far from Jesus in a way that is authentic, intimate, and fun. We will do this by making the service accessible for an un-churched person.
In order for us to reach people who are far from Jesus, we need to do it in a way that will connect with them, with their culture. We will unapologetically contextualize the Gospel to reach this generation, following the example of Paul in Acts 17:22-25where he spoke in a way that the people would understand and relate to the Gospel of Jesus. Pray for this new work of God to be sustained by the power of God! His heart is to find and rescue his lost sheep. I pray that Saturday Night Church would be yet another way God reaches those who don't yet know Him.

Erik Howard
Church Planter