Thank You …

… LFA for being part of a wonderful weekend celebration of the death and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. Did you know the combined attendance for Good Friday, Sunrise Service and our Sunday Celebrations was almost 1000 people? There were 171 children on Sunday morning! What an investment in the next generation!

What makes those numbers significant are the individual lives that make up the total — multiple instances of one life touching another. Here are some examples:

  • One visitor was a single mom who came with her 4 children. She was lovingly greeted by a precious lady from our church who then walked her through the whole morning and even sat with her during worship. Later the mom said she was "very thankful” for LFA Children’s Ministry.
  • "Watching families celebrate Communion at the Good Friday Service: the conversations, the parents teaching and leading their children, and the true devotion everyone had receiving Holy Communion moved me and brought me great joy.”
  • 3 different single moms with little ones came for the first time. They had a positive experience and were very warmly supported by our nursery workers.
  • "So thankful for the way God met us at Sunrise Service. It was a beautiful sunrise, service and breakfast."
  • A family with a special needs child who has not been with us for months came. The CM workers connected well with the child who had a positive experience.
  • "After the service, we were able to pray for a number of people who were willing to name their fears. I was just blessed to hear people announce their fear and want to bring it before God”

I praise God for you all and all you do! Tell us your experience of this weekend.
Pastor Nate