...impacting one life at a time.

We've launched a pretty ambitious set of goals. By now it's pretty likely that you've heard our 5-year vision for pursuing the life-changing presence of Jesus, impacting SJ, one life at a time. We have put out a lot of numbers around what we as church leaders desire to happen; honestly they are pretty big numbers. Sometimes I find myself getting a little lost in the numbers, or at least they overshadow the intent behind our goals...which I really believe is about lives individually and personally being impacted by Jesus. 

I recently looked up what we've tracked for Gospel Conversations. Our tally to date this year is... seven. In the context of our overall goal that seems like diddly. As I step back though, and read some of the stories, they are incredible. Here is a line from a recent story last month: 'Just this week I received a letter that read as follows: "With your help my life has changed for the best. I have truly accepted Jesus into my heart. I know that no matter what I have Him."' 

Did you catch that? Through a Gospel Conversation, a life was dramatically changed! Let's strive after more conversations like this. If you are looking for a place to start, come on Sunday, 4-7pm @ CCS to Leadership Community; our time will be all around this theme of Overcoming the Obstacles to Gospel Conversations

Pastor Matthew

P.S. We'd love to celebrate with you; write down what happened in the conversations you are having.