5 Good reasons to start Saturday Night Service:

5. Though we don’t want to encourage the pattern of prioritizing the sporting activities of our children over church, having a Saturday night service will take away that continual conflict people face to choose between sports and church. 
4. By launching the service at our Lincoln building, we move closer to people East of Vineland and begin to use our main site for church services.
3. We’ve found the more service time options we offer, the more people we influence with the Gospel.
2. We are using Saturday church as a setting to prepare leaders and teams for the Millville Church plant. When they launch in January, they will have had 7 months to work out the kinks.
1. Many people in our county, including a number of people from LFA, do shift work, regularly have to work on Sunday, and have told us what a blessing it would be to be able to attend on Saturday night.

Pray for us as we launch our first regular Saturday night service, 6pm, May 16 at 1987 S. Lincoln Ave. Vineland.

Pastor Nate