What do we have to joyfully report???


I was personally challenged by Dave Fitch’s message last Sunday. I confess I had never seen Luke 10 as a paradigm for the weekly rhythm of our church … I never have dreamed that week after week, we would joyfully return from the mission of our week to report, like the disciples, saying … 

“Lord, even the demons are subject to us in your name!”

Or to declare as we gather together …

“This week, we saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven."

I am saddened to say I lacked a faith-filled understanding of Luke 10. But, what if that’s all about to change? What if God is graciously awakening not just my heart, but the heart of our church? What if we are about to move into a season where week by week we gather to joyfully report what God has done as we live our daily life ON MISSION. May that day come quickly!


Pastor Nate