Some things to pray about

Here’s a list of areas where we long to see God at work:

  • We’ve found that mission is LFA’s “sweet spot” — we are at our best when we focus outside ourself and partner with Jesus in His mission in our community and around the World. Pray for David Fitch, the guest speaker who will be with us this Sunday. Pray that we will hear God’s heart for mission. 
  • Pray for LFA’s Governing Elders who are developing vision and boundaries related to financing the new building on Lincoln Avenue. Pray also for God’s direction in selecting individuals who may be trained to become new Governing Elders. If you have someone in mind who you think should serve as a Governing Elder, please contact me: 
  • God has a way of deeply changing our life when we get away and focus on Him. Retreats are a way to do that and we saw God do some amazing things at the Marriage retreat. If you have a God Story of what He did in your marriage at the retreat, please tell us your story by going to
  • If you are interesting in going on one of the upcoming retreats (Men’s, Sr. High, Jr. High), or if you would like to financially support someone who is going please contact Pastor Chris.

When we pray, we get to partner with what God is doing — and we get to be changed. Let’s pray!


Pastor Nate