Together. For the Millville Church Plant Pt. 2

Hello, LFA family! 

God has been moving through our church in the last few years.  He's been stirring up a heart for church planting- a heart for those who are close to us but far from God.  This Sunday starts the 40 days of prayer and fasting for our church plant in Millville.  I believe that if all of the people who call LFA their home church were to pray over these 40 days, God will do some amazing things!  So let's pray and see God change our lives and lives in Millville, one prayer at a time. 

How do I join in?
1-Find a group of 3-8 people to go through the guide with. They could be your family, discipleship group, pastorate, bible study, Celebrate Recovery group, your friends) 
2-Pick a time to get together for 1 hour
3-Follow the guide
4-Let God do the rest! 
Erik Howard