The Great Commission

Sharon and I just got back from Colorado where we met with C&MA International Workers — people from the US who live in different countries all around the world. They have left their home country because they want to share the Gospel with people who have never had access to the Gospel. They are some of the people LFA partners with when we give to missions. 

One couple is from a Korean C&MA church in NYC. They live in Mongolia, telling people about Jesus, starting new churches and training pastors. Here’s some of what we heard:
In the early ‘90s there were only three Jesus followers in all of Mongolia. Now there are between 20,000 - 50,000.
God has used this couple to start 16 new churches in 12 years
When we asked them how they start a new church, they said, “We go to a new city, knock on doors, share the Gospel, pray healing for the sick, and gather the believers. Then we tell them they are now called by Jesus to do the same." To train new pastors, they take men and women along with them for three years teaching them to do the same thing.
They told us in Mongolia people say a very direct “yes” or “no” to the Gospel. Sometimes the “no” includes people threatening them with knives. When we asked them how they respond to the threats, they said, “We just shake the dust off our feet and go to the next house.”

LFA partners with the C&MA to send over 700 International Workers to over 60 countries of the World. We do it because Jesus calls us to partner with Him to bring the Gospel to people who have little or no Gospel Access. I invite you to come to one of our services this Sunday and to find out how you can join with us in this journey.

Pastor Nate