Taste of Mission Weekend

Last month, my wife and I decided to climb up Centennial Dome to get a glimpse of the Yosemite Valley, which I believe is one of the most beautiful spots on our planet. As we stood at the base at the beginning of our hike, my wife looked at me and said, “That can’t be where we are going; we will never be able to get to the top.” She wasn't saying that because it looked like too much work. She said that because it looked impossible. But we put one foot in front of the other, and we found our way to the top. It was possible. We did it, and the view was spectacular. On our descent, I was excited and full of energy because of what we just saw, and I was feeling chatty. So, as we would pass the tired faces that were one the way to the top, I gave them two quick words of counsel. I made it quick because I could tell by the look in their eyes, bent backs and tired legs that they were not “feeling chatty.” The message I gave them was “You’re almost there” and “It’s gonna be worth it.” As we got closer to the bottom I had to drop the “almost there” part. 

Next weekend is Taste of Mission Weekend, when we as a church prioritize going over gathering. Instead of gathering together from all over our community to worship Jesus, we scatter together all over our community to worship Jesus. Click the link to see more information about and sign up for a missions experience next weekend. Getting to see God on the faces of those we serve in our own community is a spectacular sight to see. Based on my experience, being part of Taste of Mission Weekend allows me to see God in new and beautiful ways. I have two quick words of counsel as we move toward Taste of Mission Weekend: “We are almost there” and “It’s gonna be worth it.”

Just a couple of details:

-Please sign up for your project
-No Saturday Night Church on June 27
-One Sunday service from 9-10am at CCS on June 28 where we will have breakfast, worship, celebrate Saturday projects, teaching and commissioning the Sunday projects
-No childcare during Sunday service June 28
Pastor Greg