Summer Intentionality

When I was little, the teachers I had would begin the school year by asking everyone to share what they did during their summer vacation. Some kids would share stories about their vacation to Disney or other places they went.  My story moment was never very exciting, as most of the time my story was, “I played outside.” 

At Living Faith, we believe summer is a time we need to use intentionally!  This summer is filled with very specific and intentional ways to invest in your spiritual development as an individual, family and household.     

Take a few minutes this week and look through our summer guide for the activities that are appropriate for your situation.  If it helps, begin with this question: “When summer is over, what story will I tell?"

I hope your story will be more than, “My kids played video games, and we went to the beach a few times.”  I hope your story will be, “We stepped up in our summer time and served and invested in our family/community, and we saw God at work!”   
Pastor Chris