Prayer is not an activity I add to my life, rather it is allowing my life to flow from it. In John 15, Jesus identifies Himself as the Vine—that is the source that gives life. One way we access His life for us is to imitate Him in the way He related to and depended on His Father through prayer. The reality is that Jesus can be our...

  • Source of energy.
  • Source of life
  • Source of advice.
  • Source of wisdom.
  • Source of help.
  • Source of motivation for living.
  • Source of everything we need.

And yet so often the most accessible person we have to offer us these realities is the one we can easily ignore. Prayer makes Jesus very accessible and we want to help you grow in your practice of it and your posture toward it. Prayer can be like breathing in and breathing out except that it does not come as natural to us and therefore we need to learn this practice as an ongoing life rhythm. To help you practice and grow in this area, we have avenues for you that range from prayer gatherings to prayer trainings. For a list of a few upcoming opportunities click here.

Pastor Diego