"Church Here" or "Church There"

"Church Here” says — Hey, we've got church going on over here. Come and join in what we are doing!

"Church There” says — Hi, we want to be with you where you are; how can we help?

Both “Church Here” and “Church There” are needed and important, but when most people think of Church, they don’t think that the Church will come to where they are. 

That’s one reason Taste of Mission Sunday is important to the life of LFA. 50 Sundays of the year, we invite people to come and be with our church — it’s “Church Here”. But for two very special Sundays of the year, we leave our regular church activity and we go to where the people are. We take church to them.

Taste of Mission Sunday is not a Sunday to skip church; it’s a Sunday to take Church to the people who never come to our church.

Most teams are meeting at CCS at 8:45am for breakfast, a quick time to huddle together, then we all go out on mission.

Let’s take Church to our cities!

Just a couple of details:

-Please sign up for your project
-No Saturday Night Church this week
-One Sunday service from 9-10am at CCS this Sunday (Breakfast at 8:45)
-No childcare during Sunday service


Pastor Nate