Celebrating God's Work in Our Young People

Check out what some of our students said after participating in Camp Grace this summer:

  • “God changed my heart through the interest kids showed in God.” 
  • "I love the kids of Millville, they have so much room for love.”
  • “God made me want to talk more about Him, and I learned how to open up to Him more.”
  • "I feel like God is calling me towards kids that come from broken homes.”
  • "Camp made me learn leadership and showed me that there are things going on beyond what I can see.”
  • “I feel like I’m slowly building my relationship with God and I’m less doubtful and I’m trusting in God more.”
  • “I am learning more about Jesus and understanding him more.”

Click here to watch a video and celebrate with us what God has done in and through our LFA youth.

-Pastor Chris