Building Q&A

On Sunday we received a number of great questions related to our vision and our building plans. From time to time we want to answer them. Here are a few:

Q: How will the lack of rent to CCS help in the budget for building? 
A: The rent to CCS is $400 per month or $4,800 annually. Having our building will free up that money, but the amount is small relative to the proposed mortgage payment.

Q: Where did the building sketch come from? Did someone design it for us? 
A: We had three builders submit a price and a sketch. The one we included was the least expensive, and the one we like the most, from Archetto Construction, INC.

Q: Why did it take so long for us to come up with a game plan for a new building? 
A: The low pattern of financial giving did not warrant us considering launching into a building plan. Since for a number of years we were not consistently meeting our giving projections, it didn't seem wise to look to raise additional money. Now that during 2015 our giving has stabilized, we think it's time to consider building.

More answers on the way. Please continue to ask questions. Text your questions to: (856) 624-3445

Please continue to pray for God's clear leadership,

Nate Howard