Does prayer make a difference?


For most of us, Jesus’ encouragement to “always pray and not give up” (see Luke 18:1) is intensely needed precisely because we are too often tempted to conclude prayer doesn’t make a difference. So, to add my voice of encouragement, I categorically say, PRAYER ALWAYS MAKES A DIFFERENCE! — it’s just that sometimes you need the right kind of eyes to see it. Here are some examples from our week of prayer:

"During this week, God has been very clearly revealing specific areas in my heart that need to change to relieve the chronic anxiety, stress, and the accompanying physical health issues I've had. Better times are ahead! (Philippians 1:6)"

"God has showed me how to think about others before myself"

"God said 'I am going to restore your family'!"

"During the week of prayer God confronted me on some pride issues.  I found myself growing frustrated with people in my pastorate.  Rather than having compassion and praying for them, I found my heart full of judgment. God is changing my perspective and my heart. God is filling me with compassion and love for my pastorate — my 'forever family'." 

Tell us your story of what God did through the week of prayer.

Prayer makes a difference. 

Pastor Nate