2015 Week of Prayer

We have been talking about the 5-year vision God has given us and how unity is essential to accomplish it. As leaders, we believe our starting point needs to be prayerunified prayer! Beginning Sunday, we are dedicating this whole week to focus on one unified passion: "to pursue the life changing presence of Jesus, impacting South Jersey one life at a time!” Please make sure you access a digital copy of the week of prayer guide or get a hard copy on Sunday. Whether your household is made up of you, two, or more, we invite you to join us and make this a priority in your week. Check with your pastorate leader and our week schedule for opportunities you can use to join others in prayer. Be sure to join us on Saturday or Sunday, January 17&18, as we will close our week of prayer with Communion. I am so thankful for the way God is leading us toward unity, and His promise is to hear us as we seek Him with our hearts and in unity! (2 Chronicles 7:14)
Pastor Diego