“LFA: God's Church — my church”


A teaching series on personal participation in the life of Living Faith

God’s church belongs to Him. He purchased us, He is over us.  Still, God doesn’t want us to see ourselves as passive tag-alongs in His life-transforming enterprise. He really wants you to be part of what He is doing. He wants your buy-in, your active participation. 

This series details the practical ways you can take ownership of your part in God’s Church. Mastering these skills, your participation will result in God’s Church advancing into what He dreams us to be: in pursuit of the life-giving presence of Jesus, impacting South Jersey, one life at a time.

September 7Connecting with Jesus daily
September 14Investing my tithe consistently (part 1)
September 21Telling my grace-story weekly 
September 28Investing my tithe consistently (part 2)
October 5Volunteering my time generously
October 12Engaging in community courageously
Pastor Nate (nhoward@LFAchurch.org)