The Tithe Challenge


What is it: I’m calling everyone in LFA who has financial income to make a plan to consistently give a portion of your income to LFA before you spend on anything else. And I’m asking you to do that starting this week until the end of 2014.

How much: Though tithe means 10%, for this challenge I realize for many finances is a tangled, messy knot, I’m asking everyone to talk it over with someone and determine a percentage of their income that they will plan on giving. We won’t all give the same amount, or the same percentage, but we will all give proportionally according to what God gives us.

Why: God promises our life will be changed when our money is rearranged — when what God says becomes more important than our money. I’m calling you to the Tithe Challenge believing it will bring you into God’s dream for your life. 

How do I calculate my tithe: Multiply the percentage you want to give times .01 times your paycheck. For example, a person who wants to give 5% and their check is $364 would give $18.20:

5 X .01 X 364 = $18.20;   8 X .01 X 364 = $29.12;   10 X .01 X 364 = $36.40

I’m sure this challenge brings up a lot of questions. Make sure you join us for the teachings and Q&A each Sunday

Pastor Nate (