Q&A Followup


By the number of texts we’ve received on Sunday mornings, I’m getting the impression you all like us to do Q&As. We haven’t had time to address the many great questions, so we want to try to answer some here. 

After Sunday’s teaching on “Quiet Times” one parent asked:  "As a parent, how do you suggest leading your children in starting and continuing with a quiet time without it becoming a legalistic requirement on them?

A: (From Sharon, Pre-school Children’s Ministry Coord.) I recommend that parents share what they do to build their relationship with Jesus do "quiet times" together so that it is not always an alone thing. 


A question that came in for Erik on Sunday when he preached on Church Planting:

Q: Erik, what makes, or has made, your passion for lost people grow? 

A: (From Erik) As I understand more deeply how lost I am apart from Jesus, as I see his rescue in my life I can't help but feel God's heart not only for my own lostness, but I begin to feel those same things for people that don't know him yet. 


Q: Where will our first church be planted? Will we assign a group of people leaveLFA and form the new church?  Will it be a church started with young adults? 

A: We will probably plant our first church within 15 minutes from CCS, within an area where we sense God is at work and where we are reaching people who wouldn’t naturally come to LFA.  We won’t assign people to go to that new church and none will be excluded because of age. 

General Questions:

Q: If my marriage relationship is a proven obstacle, a definite deterrent, in my life and my children’s ability & freedom to worship & serve God, is that a reason to give up on that relationship?

A: That’s pretty much the same question the Apostle Paul answers in 1 Corinthians 7:12-16. And the answer is, “no”. It’s not unlike God to allow us to grow up and be transformed in the context of challenges and relationships where our faith becomes strong. (See John 16:33)

Keep the questions coming!

Pastor Nate (nhoward@LFAchurch.org)