"Impulse Buying" & "Impulse Giving"


Candy, magazines and drinks make up 80% of the impulse purchases picked up at checkout counters. You know, don't you, why they call that last minute candy purchase "Impulse Buying"? Because you bought those M&Ms even though you hadn't planned on it -- they weren't on your shopping list.

It's understandable that people give their offering to their church in the same way they buy soda and a snack when they check out at Shop Rite. Last minute, doing-what-seems-right-in-the-moment decisions are simply part of our culture...part of our life. Though "Impulse Buying" may not break your budget, "Impulse Giving" makes it very difficult for a church to fulfill God's vision. 

My point: put "giving to my church" on your list of what you will do this Summer. Don't wait and decide last minute if you will give or not. In fact, you might want to do what I do... automate your giving by going to LFAChurch.org and setting up a recurring gift. In that way, your gift, of whatever amount, will be in your plan. Planned and consistent giving by all of us will become God's provision for LFA to fulfill our part in God's plan for South Jersey.
Pastor Nate