Celebrating Taste of Mission

God is at work in and through us:

  • "One woman touched my heart so much that I did not want to leave.  I wanted to talk to them so they know someone cares about them." 
  • "We had children as young as five helping and they all wanted to be a part of the work" 
  • 18 volunteers supporting the bilingual efforts and prayer at the soccer clinic
  • "I saw big strong men singing silly songs and encouraging children because those children mattered." 
  • "Our children were genuinely excited to make and deliver gift bags to 12 houses (each one had a "Daily Bread" devotional in it)"
  • "Over 100 seniors, 35 vendors, and about 30 people from pastorates joined in!"

These stories and much more are why we carve out time to love our community. Continue celebrating with the compiled #tasteofmission slideshow!
Pastor Matthew